• Providing accurate and meaningful financial information
  • Experienced outsourced Accounts Team
  • Reduces staffing costs
  • Help to reduce debts and increase cashflow

As a business owner you clearly need timely, accurate financial information in order to make the best decisions for your business. We understand that this is essential for success and work as an integral part of your business in order to provide you with such information. The team at DGR Business Services has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all things financial and will provide you with an outsourced accounts team saving you the stress of employing lots of people.

Jo Wood, Partner - jo@dgrbusinessservices.co.uk


  • All sizes of Business catered for
  • Accurate, Timely & Secure
  • Professional Payroll Reports & Payslip Options including secure email
  • Represents great Value for Money
  • Free telephone and email support included
  • Auto enrolment support and management

With the introduction of Real Time Information reporting and now Auto Enrolment for pensions, payroll for even the smallest business has become an increasingly complex and time consuming task to complete (and more importantly to get right). We have years of experience in managing the payrolls for a variety of different businesses both large and small.

Paul Wood, Partner - paul@dgrbusinessservices.co.uk

Auto Enrolment

    • Expert Advice & Support
    • Complete management of the auto enrolment process from beginning to end.
    • Help to forecast the likely cost to your business
    • Protection for your Company
    • Removes the stress & worry of compliance

    Does any of this sound familiar?...

    Maybe you know that you might need a workplace pension scheme soon but you don’t really have time or understand what it’s all about so haven’t done anything about it yet.

    It may be that you think auto enrolment doesn’t apply to your business or you’ve asked your staff, none of them wants to contribute to a pension scheme so you don’t have to do anything more. Maybe you’ve gone past your staging date already, still not done anything about it and are not sure where to turn.

    …Because it should

    Believe it or not these are probably some of the most common issues employers are facing right now. Fines for non-compliance from The Pensions Regulator are being issued to increasing numbers of employers as they didn’t understand what was required of them, did not act quickly enough and did not find the right help. Don’t let that be your business!

    Let’s make this perfectly clear. If you have even one employee you will have to act on this in one way or another. It is the law. Why suffer a potentially damaging fine when advice and help is available.

  • How can we help then?

    We fully understand the challenge auto enrolment presents. This is complex legislation with a lot of new responsibilities (33 in fact) and if you don’t complete every task that is required in the prescribed format and within the correct time period, it can lead to significant penalties from The Pensions Regulator.

    So it’s good to know that we offer a comprehensive solution for auto enrolment. From setting up your pension scheme, completing all of the necessary tasks along the way to sending what is known as your ‘Declaration of Compliance’ to The Pensions Regulator to prove that you have met your duties at the end of the set up process.

    Of course, you do need to know what is required of you.

    It’s also vitally important to us that you understand the process and your responsibilities going forward. This doesn’t end when you’ve set up a pension scheme and ‘automatically enrolled’ your staff into it. You’ll have to check your employment contracts too.

    If we also complete your payroll (and we strongly suggest that is the case) we will also complete the monthly pension administration tasks ensuring that you are always compliant. Don’t I need to speak to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)?

    You don’t need to enlist the help of an IFA to set up a qualifying workplace pension scheme but you do need to carry out your own research to make sure that the pension scheme you choose is suitable for your employees.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

  • Management of all CIS responsibilities
  • Online submission of your returns
  • Assistance with HMRC checks
  • Online verification of new subcontractors

Are you in the construction industry and find that dealing with CIS is becoming more of a burden?
Could you do with some help to make life easier?

If this is you we can help. We’ve been managing the CIS requirements for businesses in the industry for many years. Earlier this year HMRC made online submission of CIS returns compulsory and within the next few months it will also become compulsory to verify new subcontractors online. Do you have the software that will be able to manage this task?

We offer a very straight forward and consistent service for CIS including verifying new subcontractors, completion and submission of your CIS Return each month and Payment Certificates for you to give to the subcontractors. We’ll also make it very clear what payments you need to make to HMRC and when.

We’ll always make sure your returns are filed by the deadline each month and if HMRC ever do need to check your records we can help with this as well.


We help many small businesses with their credit control to reduce their debts. In some cases bringing businesses back into the black for the first time in months or years.

Do you use invoice factoring services? Would you like this to end? Do you need to take more positive action on older debts? If so let us handle your credit control and this may well be possible.


It goes without saying that VAT can be a complex area to manage and that failure to do so can lead to major problems with HMRC.

We can handle the production and submission of your VAT Returns, making sure they are accurate and submitted on time. We'll also make sure your are claiming for all the VAT you have incurred as this will of course affect how much you have to pay HMRC.


Having an accurate set of management accounts enables you to make the right decisions when it comes to making strategic financial decisions in your business. We know that having the right information to hand, delivered in a way that you can understand is vital to growing and developing your business. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements in order to create reports that provide the right information for them.

Good management accounts will give you more time to focus on your business, give greater transparency in order to see potential bumps in the road ahead and will also highlight any discrepancies that require further investigation.


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